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Alkaline Water Filter Systems for Homes

There are a lot of positive health claims currently being made about alkaline water. Purportedly, alkaline water can help enhance your health and wellness journey by balancing out your body’s pH levels and reducing the effects of oxidization. It also claims to be an excellent antioxidant and helps you stay better hydrated than regular tap water.

Whether you lead a healthy, active, or fairly sedentary lifestyle, alkaline water has a plethora of health benefits that can help improve your overall well-being. At True North Water & Air, we provide state-of-the-art alkaline water filters for the home that can transform regular tap water into highly beneficial alkaline water.

What Is Alkaline Water?

pH measures the acidity levels of various substances—in this case, water. The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14 with the former indicating high acidity and the latter indicating alkalinity. Regular tap water is usually measured at 7 on the pH scale, making it neutral. Alkaline water, on the other hand, measures at around 8 or 9. It also consists of alkaline minerals and what’s known as negative oxidation reduction potential (ORP). ORP is water’s ability to neutralize acidity levels in the body and regulate antioxidant levels. Negative ORP values are higher in antioxidant properties and can have amazing health benefits.


For this reason, many consumers think it’s worth having an alkaline water filter system directly in their homes. At True North Water & Air, we make installation and usage easy. You can have your very own alkaline water purifier connected directly to your kitchen faucet for convenient access to clean and healthy ionized drinking water at all times.

Enjoying Clean Water

What Are the Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water?

Drinking 7 to 8 glasses of alkaline water per day has a lot of potential health benefits. But it’s important to slowly and methodically transition into this way of life to prevent a potential adverse initial reaction. If you don’t typically drink alkaline water, start by slowly incorporating it into your system so that your body can slowly get used to it. Since alkaline water neutralizes the acids in your stomach, avoid drinking it with food. Drink one glass about half an hour before each meal and 1.5 hours after.

Drinking Water after Workout

Here are the benefits of replacing regular drinking water with alkaline water:

  • Increased energy levels

  • Slows signs of aging

  • Improved digestion

  • Faster metabolism

  • Reduces bone loss

Alkaline Water Filter Systems for the Home

At True North Water & Air, we offer a line of water purifiers and filtration systems that are designed to deliver clean and healthy drinking water directly to you and your family. Our advanced 7 stage water filtration system does the following:

  • Reduces the number of suspended particles such as dirt and sediments in water

  • Reduces chlorine, chloramines, and other water treatment plant by-products

  • Blocks carbon and reduces the presence of herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, and insecticides

  • The TFC membrane filters out TDS, heavy metals, germs, and miniscule impurities

  • The ceramic layer eliminates 99% of E.coli bacteria and salmonella

  • Adds healthy organic minerals to balance pH levels in water

  • The carbon block also reduces and absorbs odours for a clean and fresh taste

Pouring Clear Water

Buy an Alkaline Water Purifier in Northern Ontario for Your Home


True North Water & Air specializes in selling and installing advanced alkaline water purification systems for residential structures such as homes, apartments, and condo complexes across Ontario. 

Contact us today to learn more or to place an order.

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