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Whole-House Iron Water Filters

There are many benefits to installing a whole-house iron water filter from True North Water & Air in Sudbury, Ontario. A state-of-the-art whole-house iron water filtration system ensures your family will have safe, clean, and fresh-tasting water at all times. Our advanced home water purifiers can be used for all kinds of residences, including houses and cottages, as either a Point of Entry (POE) or Point of Use (POU) device depending on your needs. Whatever your needs are, Georgian Water and Air can provide you with a home water filtration system that provides you and your family with a water source you can enjoy every day.

What Are Whole House Iron Water Filters?

Simply put, our home iron filtration system helps solidify iron that has been dissolved in your water so that it can be filtered out — providing you with clean water to enjoy each and every day. Our iron water filtration system utilizes an oxidizing media bed. This media bed catches soluble iron precipitates as water filters through. These iron precipitates are then converted into an insoluble state, so that they can be trapped by the filter, resulting in water that’s completely free of iron. These filters are able to almost entirely remove the iron from the water in your home. Curious to learn more about our water filtration systems? Reach out to us today to find out more or get a quote!

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Why You Need Whole-House Iron Water Filters

Hard water caused by high iron content in residential water systems is the leading culprit for some of the most common water issues your home has. Signs of high iron content in your residential water include:

  • Foul-smelling water directly from your tap

  • Tap water that’s cloudy or discoloured (yellowish-brown)

  • Water that leaves behind a white chalky residue

  • Mineral stains throughout your home (also known as watermarks)

  • Watermarks or spots left on dishes in the dishwasher

  • Weak water pressure from your taps, shower, and toilets

  • Filminess on your skin and hair every time you wash them

  • Clothes that come out of the laundry machine with dirt, discolouration, or stains

If you notice any of these signs while using water in your home, then you should arrange to have your residential water tested immediately. Although drinking hard water doesn’t necessarily have any negative health effects, it can seriously damage your home’s piping system over long periods of time.


Mineral buildup from hard water with a high iron content starts in your pipes. It can block seamless water passage through the pipes, causing some or a lot of the water to become trapped. In the winter, this water will freeze and it could cause your pipes to burst. These blockages also cause extremely low water pressure, which forces your appliances to work extra hard to perform simple functions and use up more electricity in the process. As your premier water purification company in Sudbury, Ontario, we are committed to helping you prevent these negative side effects and damage to your home. For any questions surrounding our home filtration systems, reach out to True North Water & Air today!

Features of Our Whole-House Iron Water Filters

The water filtration systems from True North Water & Air are packed with features and engineered to handle a wide range of residential water systems. Our filtrations systems feature the following:

  • Two ¾” Big Blue Housings connected in series and mounted on a bracket.

  • Pre-assembled system, saving installation time

  • Inlet/Outlet Ports – ¾” NPT

  • High Capacity 20 Micron Sediment Filter (20″) for sediment reduction

  • High Capacity 10 Micron Carbon Filter (20″) for chlorine taste and odor reduction

  • Maximum Flow Rate – 10 GPM

  • Max Inlet Pressure – 100 psi

  • Water Temperature Range – (4.4º C to 62.8º C)

  • Maximum Dimension – 16″ x 9″ x 27″

  • Pressure Gauges (0 to 100 psi) are installed at the inlet and outlet of the unit for pressure drop monitoring of the device. A high pressure drop indicates that the replacement filters need to be changed.

  • Ball Valves included in the accessories for ease of operation

  • Sump Wrench for ease of installation of cartridge filters

  • System Mounting Hardware included

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Benefits of Whole-House Iron Filters

Iron in your water can cause a number of problems for you and your family as you aim to live your life each and every day. While preventing damage to your pipes and a number of other negative effects of having iron in your water, having a home iron water filtration system has a number of different benefits:

  • Reduce rust particles

  • Eliminates odour and taste of chlorine in water

  • Reduces pre-RO filtration

  • Make iron insoluble

  • Removes sediment that causes bad taste and odour

If you think you have iron in your water and are looking for a water filtration system to clear the iron from your home water supply, get in touch with True North Water & Air today! We look forward to making sure that you have access to clean and healthy water.

Get Whole-House Iron Water Filters in the Sudbury Region

If you’re looking for a home filtration system to protect your piping and have access to delicious, clean water, then you’ve come to the right place. True North Water & Air is one of the leading water filtration and purification companies serving residential properties across Ontario. We specialize in water filtration systems that help your home to have high-quality water whenever you may need it. Book a consultation today!

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